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Pandora Console time zone
Seems that newest versions of ubuntu are doing very very strange things with timezones, another user of pandora has a similar problem and we fixed it just by setting up "manually" the time zones in three different points:

1. PHP Engine (php.ini)
2. MySQL (my.cnf)
3. Linux system (dpkg-reconfigure tzdata)

Good luck !

(02-05-2010, 09:12 AM)martinssaulitis link Wrote: I've managed to set up both server, console and agent on different system (pandorafms.server_3.0.0.deb, pandorafms.console_3.0.0.deb, pandorafms.agent_3.0.0.deb) on . Everything works, and I'm slowly adapting it to my needs.

Problem I ran into was that all agents report Next agent contact: Out of limits.

Then while looking at time stamps, I noticed, that Pandora console 'thinks' it's one hour back, e.g. 10:00, while pandora server and pandora agent os show 11:00 (using ubuntu console date shows, mysql now() and agent time stamps).

If I check under Administration->Setup->Time source, both System time and Database time is one hour back.

Any ideas how to fix it? Is there some place where I can set timezone for Pandora? I think if I fix it, that "out of limits' problem will go away as well.

Server console date shows something like Fri Feb  5 11:17:27 EET 2010.

For now I fixed it editing /var/www/pandora_console/include/config_process.php and changing
But still, I think there is some problem with Pandora Console configuration - apearantly "ini_get('date.timezone')" doesn't work, so it set up using fallback option.
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