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Plugins exit status
Pandora only takes "one data" per module. This means if you want to get status AND the performance data, you should get two different modules. One for data and the other for status.

Anyway you can trick it, suppose it returns values between 0 and 100. For you > 90 is critical. You can return errors with value "101" for example. But this is not a good idea because could be easily missunderstood. You should have two modules:

Check Status -> Ok / Critical
Check Value -> Value data

Another way is to do not reply anything. A "invalid" value (for example a void value) for pandora should get your module as "unknown" status and see it as invalid (uknown). Unknown values at this time cannot be assigned to an alert, but are displayed as uknown in any status view.

I hope this will help.

(12-10-2009, 09:37 AM)redbaron link Wrote: I tested it this way, and those are my guiding lines... But what if the plugin returns whit some error status?
lets say the plugin, that runs locally on the Oracle server, can't connect to the oracle and returns whit some error status.
By it's nature, the plugin and pandora server will ignore it and take the "status" as the value of the output and will display something like "unable to connect to ###".
In Nagios for example, in this example, the plugin return the error message and exit whit status error (some value different then "0"), and an alert will appear.
How do I make Pandora behave in the same way?

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