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"Max and min" filter of Alert templates does not function properly
This is regarding the latest 3.0 release on the FTP server in .tar.gz format. I had this same issue with the previous version, and it still exists after upgrading today.

I'm using, for instance, the memfree module to report the free memory on my servers being monitored. It is correctly returning an integer in KB.

I have two alert templates defined for this--Low Memory when the available memory is between 64 and 128 MB, and Very Low Memory when the available memory is below 64 MB.

The Very Low Memory alert presumably works, as it has correctly never fired yet. The Low Memory alert gets tripped every time it is checked, however.

Free memory: 1785488.00 KB

The alert template has these values set for the 'Max and min' type:
Min: 65536.00
Max: 131072.00

The available memory is not within those limits, but the alert is still tripped.

If using only "Min" it works fine... I can set 65536.00 and it does not trip until it actually reaches that low.

Any idea why this is happening? Is it just a bug?
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