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Missing pandora_console directory during update
Finaly, I have done a fresh install 6.0SP4 161104, but it has the same problem.

I believe there is a bug in functions_update_manager.php file, after review the function update_manager_starting_update() I see two problems:

If you obtain the error "Failed to copy files"  the problem is that the 611 line says:
$full_path = $config['attachment_store'] . "/downloads/pandora_console";
And it must say:
$full_path = $config['attachment_store'] . "/downloads/unix";
Because the last_package.tgz is extracted to the "unix" folder not in "pandora_console" how the script php is awaiting.

If you obtain the error "fail to extract files" the problem is the 649 line, because where it says:
if ($result != 0) {
it should say:
if ($result != true) {
Because $result is the returned value from the function extractTo when it extracts the lastpackage.tgz

In sp3, the problem was only the copying files, but in my version 6.0SP4 161104 I had the two problems, but I have changed the files according I have explained above and the update process was ended correctly, and now I have 170116 version installed and the update manager says me there is no updates available.

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