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Secure access Pandroid to Pandora FmS


I have the latest version of Pandora FMS Community.

I have installed to test Pandroid on an Android mobile and it works correctly. The only thing that only works if it is connected by wifi to the internal network of the company.

We had thought he would always report. But for this you have to publish the address of the Pandora server to the Internet. I do not see how to secure this agent's access. Because to auto-register only in Pandora fms, simply had to put the address of the server in setup Pandroid

It does not request any type of authorization, user or password to register these devices.

If the Pandora server is not published on the Internet and securized the access of the Pandroid agents do not make any sense.

I would like to indicate if it is possible and how to do it. I searched for information but found nothing.

Thank you

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Secure access Pandroid to Pandora FmS - by ansator3 - 12-15-2016, 09:49 PM

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