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Pandora agent daemon is not running //stops randomly

There is no any kind of regularity, CPU usage is ok, there is lot of available memory.
It stopped running randomly. Sometimes the running time is over many days with no problem, then stopped or running just few hours and stopped.

I've 10 agents with the same installing package, and all of the agents have got this problem.
I'm using some bash script also on the agent, like special agent name (bash script generates the name), special modules (bash script gives the datas to this special modules).

So its working well  through many days, then daemon stopped.

I've installed agent with this intalling package to my pc (Lubuntu) and its work perfectly, never stopped for some weeks.
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Re: Pandora agent daemon is not running //stops randomly - by gadge - 05-05-2016, 01:41 PM

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