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Error 500 on index.php
Hi all,

After further investigation, I could see that there's an option inside the index.php file named develop_bypass which is 0 by default. After changing it for 1 I could be able to see errors messages on the browser (Learned lesson!);

So, after the login, the error message "Call to undefined function issset() in pandora_console/include/functions_update_manager.php on lin  238" was shown on the screen. Looking at the specified line of the mentioned file, I could see that the function was really mistyped as issset instead of isset.

After that, the login could be made normally!

Looking for this line on GIT, I could see that this is already solved but isn't available yet (at least on my last update to version #150313).

Here's the link on GIT showing the fix:

Thank you all for your help. Regards,
Thiago Lima
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