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SNMP Bandwidth Data Console Display
Im running Suse 12.2 in my server and i have a fresh install of pandora 4.02 and its working really good; however, i have a concern. Im trying to monitor the bandwidth from some access points in my network, i follow a video tutorial in youtube and its actually quite simple to follow. In the Tutorial they add an SNMP remote check by creating a manual module, he selected alphanumeric data verified the servers IP and ran an SNMP Walk. He selected the SNMP OID IF-MIB::IfInOctate and click create. After he got some data, his output was displaying in actual Bytes per second (16.09B/s) . I followed the same steps an i dont get that data like in the tutorial. My output are express as if they were only numeric_data when i did choose alphanumeric_data. Any suggestion of what can be causing this?

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SNMP Bandwidth Data Console Display - by Gabriel M. - 01-18-2013, 04:44 PM

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