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4 agents don´t work correct and stop perseverative
sorry i mine with 1.3 the server version if she run good?

Yeah, it does. But it still a beta (not yet, but it'll be in a few days), so bear in mind it's possible it to fail sometimes. Would be cool if you report us any problem you'd find with the server.

Quote:anyhow two of the agents version 1.3 have problems
in the server finish directory (server_path /opt/pandora/data_in) he written: ....cre.fro.nas1.9940.data_badxml

Windows ones you mean? Anyways, can you send me some of the badxml files to investigate its? [email protected]

Quote:I had checkt the pandora_agent.conf and don´t find bug´s.
thank´s for fine reply!

Quite difficult to find a bug in that file, uh? :-)

Thanks for helping us to improve PandoraFMS
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