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Pandora FMS db migration error

This failure is due to the fact that you are missing some changes made to the database (aka MR). Before reviewing them I have to ask you,  you comment that you are using Pandora FMS 7 version, this is the version you are updating to? were you in a Pandora FMS 6 version instead of in a Pandora FMS 7?

In case you had a Pandora FMS 7 before, it is not necessary to use the migration script, you just have to update the MR as indicated in our wiki.

In case you were using Pandora FMS 6, you should update the database with a migration script. I also attach a link to this section of the wiki.

But it is important that you identify which version you were in and which one you are in now to avoid having more database problems in the future.

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