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Broker Agents
Hello Chris,

Let's see, an agent with the proxy mode activated has the capacity to receive XML files from other Pandora FMS agents, and resend them to the server, so configuring your server agent as a proxy really doesn't make sense since what it does is resend the XML files to itself. The proxy mode, for example, serves basically to be able to give coverage to networks to which the server does not have access.

I don't know which is the objective you have currently to monitor or if you are just checking the different options that allow the pandora agents, but from my point of view the easiest, simple and effective way to monitor a network is to have a server and that each device that we want to monitor has a software agent installed. This last one is not totally necessary but it will allow you to get much more information from the device.

The broker and proxy modes are certainly very useful, but for very specific cases, and I have the feeling (again I do not know, because I do not know what you want to monitor or how) that these are functions that at this time do not require

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