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FMS installation on docker is not starting tentacle.
Hello Fgodoy,

If you have problems to connect to Pandora FMS console, check first that you connect to the correct ip, to do so access the docker and check the ip assigned to it.

docker exec -it id_container_console /bin/bash

ip a
(I give you 3 options to use the correct one depending on your installation)

If your docker's IP is the correct one and you were accessing it (it should be a public ip when working with ec2), if it is not a conflict with the IP it could be the firewall, check in this case the following commands.

systemctl firewalld status = should be disabled.
getenforced = should be disabled.

In case the first command is active it uses:

systemctl firewalld stop

In case the second command is active use it:

vim /etc/selinux/config

SELINUX=disabled (check this option and exit the configuration file)

setenforce 0


With this you should be able to access your docker console correctly. If something continues to fail tell us again and we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Best regards
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