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Hello everyone ... I have the following concern if they help me ...
[quote="o4519643" pid='27117' dateline='1545218540']
I have a table called users, this has the fields: id, user, pass ...

I was thinking of showing on the web the last access of a user and for this I think adding a field that is called ultimo_acceso and creating the sentence: UPDATE users SET ultimo_acceso = getdate () Where user = user could work ....

My big concern is that every time the user enters the date it will be updated but not the previous one will be saved and my idea is to have a history of the accesses of all the users ...

some idea ??, will be that I will have to create some other table and try to redirect the data with an insert ??

I thank you very much from now ..

Ahhh had another doubt also if they take advantage of the momentum, hehehe, it's about showing users who are online, but this is more difficult apparently ...


Good afternoon o4519643,

If you want to make a historic data from that access, or you create another table to save the data or you can upgrade to Enterprise versión that has the option of creating a Historic Database.

The users that are online you can see it with the option os connected users in the console.

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