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Problem with server and installed perl
If you can arrange a Solaris script for install, it could be included in future versions, just put here.

About the graphwiz, don't worry too much, it's used only to generate the fancy realtime network graphs.

Errors in console could be "masked" editing some code in include/config_process.php setting
variable $develop_bypass = 1 to avoid development debug messages like you say.

Problem with graphs could be related with an unsolved PHP dependency like PHP-gd

Good luck !

(03-02-2010, 02:06 PM)Chriss link Wrote: Hi,

the situation is bad enough. Wink

I still have some problems with the suite on solaris. The Console reportet an error on top of every page. This is solved, I removed the code from the php. Since then, nearly all icons are shown in the console.
There is an unsolved issue with the popups: If I click on a graph the popup opens but I do not se any graphs, one the "summery" like: Max. Value: 94 Avg. Value: 4.0 Min. Value: 0

The next issue are all the scripts... you are using "grep -e" this is a GNU feature and not supportet in solaris. Sad The solution is to change all the sripts from grep to /usr/xpg4/bin/grep from SUNWxcu4, ore change $PATH, anyway you will need to install SUNWxcu4. 

And one more thing, the installer sript for the server is not working. The installer script terminated with an "ERROR compiling Pandora FMS Server from sources. Aborting", this is solved with an installation by hand.
The last problem is graphviz, till now I found no way to compile and install it on solaris. This looks like I'm sissing to mutch libs. Here is still work in procress.... Wink This my fix my problems with the graphs... hopefully.. Wink

The agend installation whas not a big deal, it looks like an easy thing. But this is a installation on localhost first... So more problems may show up later.


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