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Unknown Status modules stuck
Good day everyone, I just recently deployed PandoraFMS and in the process, I've been stuck with all the newly deployed agents with modules in a uninitialized status.

I used the template for WMI on these machines.  I've gone through the forum and the web the past 4 days looking for a solution, but there hasn't been a definite answer that has solved the issue.

Has the root cause of this been identified and a work around available?

Thank you,
Hi Mrcpu1,

Have you check that your user has permissions to do WMI querys?

Best regards,

Hi vic, I got the same problem with WMI modules, already tested credentials with WMI Tester and verified destination host is retrieving querys. Also verified in pandora_server.conf that wmiserver is active (1).

I guess it's a problem in some section of the code  or the app because querying with wmic works fine:

[[email protected] PandoraFMS]# wmic -U PNDxxxx%xxxxx //172.17.xx.xx "SELECT CSName,Manufacturer FROM Win32_OperatingSystem"

CLASS: Win32_OperatingSystem

DQEPxxxx|Microsoft Corporation

My version is : Pandora FMS Build;PC171003 Pandora FMS Version;v7.0NG.713

Hi Mrcpu1, guzmana,

Can you show me a image of yours active servers on Pandora console? To see this go to "Servers" --> "Manage Servers"

Best regards,

Hi vic,

I found a workarround, for some reason default WMI modules doesn't work properly when you add them to any agent. But when creating a new module from zero ( Configuration --> Network components --> Create New WMI component), it works fine!
So now, I have no problem on WMI modules using local or domain account ( for this use domain/user) to query WMI from Windows computers.

Hope this WA will be usefull. Any way I'm attching the capture you requested.



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Hi guzmana,

I'm doing test to try replicate the bug. Thanks for the answer, the image is correct.

Best regards,


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