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Pandora agent daemon is not running //stops randomly
When I reinstalled the agent, I realised some dependency errors, like snmp and perl packages (I'm using some perl scripts on the agents).
The agents have no acces to the Internet, so I collected the dependencys and put them into the installing directory, where the agent installer deb is located also.
Can they cause the stopping?

Kind regards,

I extended the agent daemon log, and waited for stopping.
TERM Handler kills the daemon, but I dont know the reason.

2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Check for invalid modules
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Replace module macros

2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Module def: # This plugin will get the network usage (bytes/sec)

2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Module def: #module_plugin pandora_netusage

2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Module def:

2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Agent name cmd is defined
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Update the agent MD5 since agent name may have changed
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - MD5 checksum
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Set the maximum number of threads
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Tentacle client options OK
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [log] - Thread is disabled.
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Startup delay
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Set nice of the pandora agent:
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - PID: 6473
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Start UDP server
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Check server for remote configuration
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Delete old collections and download new collections
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Check if address is auto to get the local ip
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Execute the given module
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Check the module's cron string
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Evaluate and execute module preconditions
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Execute the given command
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Check module parameters
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - Execute the command
2016/05/13 17:23:52 - [info] - TERM Handler - Kill tentacle

The randomly stops are still exist.
The log file sais before daemon stopped: Interrupted system call, exit code 65280

Do you have any idea what is that mean?
The permissions are good, and all files are exist.

Kind regards,
Hello gadge,

Did you get all the dependencies needed? Are they updated?

Kind regards,

The agent has no access to the internet, so the dependencies were collected manually by one of my friend.
He didnt say any problem or missing dependencies during installing, but i'm not sure that all of them is collected or updated.
Does it cause the problem? Than why can run daemon and stopping after many minutes or days?

My pandora agent is using a perl script, which sends the restart command every 30 minutes (its necesserey because of my alt config)
The daemon stops during one of this restart period. The startup script (/etc/init.d/pandora_agent_daemon) makes stop than start command. The stop command is completed, then the script steps in the start command, where it returns whith the PID, which is not setted, so it has to start the pandora_agent. After the pandora_agent started, comes a sleep 2. In this place my script exist and pandora agent stops running

Best regards,
Hello Gadge,

If the agents needs to make some specific tasks at some point, he may find issues if all the dependencies are not properly installed/resolved.

Kind regards,
Hello Antonio,

Thanks for your advice. I checked the dependencies, and all of them are ok.
The problem is solved if I make the pandora agent daemon auto-restart off.
Since I turned it off, the agents keep running without crashes..

Best regards,
Hello gadge,

The agent may need to make use of some of its dependencies after some time, for executing certain tasks, and that may cause the agent to stop working if the dependencies are not properly resolved.

Kind regards,

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