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Good afternoon,

I just implement recon in my system for monitoring, but I have some problems ..
I want to monitor some Linux filesystems , but when creating a task, I can only add Windows disk modules.

Something eludes me because surely can monitor, but not as ...: _ (
Someone gives me a hand?

Thank you
Hello ellistar,

You would need to have a modules template with the proper modules you need. You can take a look at the "module templates" section, and if you need to create more components (modules by default/saved modules), you can do it from "Network components", "Local components", etc. sections.

Kind regards,
Thanks for your reply antonio, but in  Pandora 6 I can't find the section "local components"
About the module templates, i just edited a couple of, and there is no problem to do that, but,..
It's weird because on the list of modules to choose there are a lot of modules, but any module is categorized as linux systems!!
Almost every machine that I need to monitor are linux OS.
Any idea?

Keep in mind that you can edit the "components" and templates, but you won't be able to use "local components" (local execution modules) just by running a recon, since local modules require a software agent installed. Recon tasks can only apply module templates with remote checks, so if you need to monitor disks/volumes you would need to use SNMP remote checks. Otherwise you would need to install a software agent.

Kind regards,

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