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Problem Starting FMS Server
Thanks Manu, you're awesome.


Now onto the agent side of things (which hopefully I won't goof on! ha!)
Haha, good luck! Smile

Did you finally start tentacle?
Yup - I believe it's all good to go.
I installed tentacle server on the linux server...

all that is left to do would be configure the agent on my windows machine correct?
Yeah, but you just need to install it and set the server IP in the installation wizard, that's all Smile
Okay, cool.

That's what I did, but it's not working apparently - so - off to troubleshooting land I go!

I have the computers setup right next to each other (my win box & linux server) so I'm able to just switch between the two by turning my chair a little and staring at another screen Smile

Do I have to manually add the agent in pandora FMS, or will it recognize that an agent is sending it information and automatically add it in the console?
Seems a tentacle problem, is the server running?
/etc/init.d/tentacle_serverd start

Open the windows CMD and run:

tentacle_client -a PANDORASERVERIP (the one you should have under program files/pandora_agent/pandora_agent.conf) FILE_TO_SEND (anyfile will do the trick, this is just a test)

What do you get? If you get nothing that means the file was sent, otherwise it wasn't.

The webconsole will show you the agent, you don't need to create it manually (as long as our friend the data server is running)
Apparently I must have messed up the tentacle server install in some fashion...
I installed following the directions listed here:

And after which if I do /etc/init.d/tentacle_serverd start (or /etc/init.d/tentacle_server start)
it says "No such file or directory"...

I'm sure it's something small i've goofed up on...
Ah-ha! - Found this nugget, followed it - and now tentacle_server is up and operational.

[sub]Once the server is installed, the script tentacle_serverd, located at /usr/share/pandora/util can be used to start it automatically every time the sistem boots up.

Before copying the script is a good idea to edit it, and check that the values of the variables PANDORA_SERVER_PATH, TENTACLE_DAEMON, TENTACLE_PATH, TENTACLE_USER, TENTACLE_ADDR and TENTACLE_PORT, located at the begining of the script, are correct.

Extra parameters can be added for advanced configurations, to do so, use the Tentacle server variable TENTACLE_EXT_OPTS.

To install the script run:

cp /usr/share/pandora/util/tentacle_serverd /etc/init.d/
ln -s /etc/init.d/tentacle_serverd /etc/rc2.d/S90tentacle_serverd[/sub]

It's now up and operational (and if I'd have just known more about linux, this would've been an EASY setup!)

I see my winbox and things are lookin good.

Thanks a ton for all your help - I'll be reading up on how to set this up for each my servers and send alerts and things... Thanks again for ALL your help!
I'm glad you figured it out! :-)

Now start doing some remote monitoring (ping, checking http port...)
For those checks you don't need to install agents, just create it in the webconsole and add the modules.
It's all in the documentation

Good luck!

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