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Visual console "ANY" modules missing?
Hi guys,
I have just installed a brand new PandoraFMS version (Pandora FMS v6.0 - Build PC151026) but I found a problem with the visual console. I'm building my network map but when I select an agent, I can't choose "ANY" in the modules dropdown. I can only choose from the specific modules (see attachment). choosing the "--" modules cause the icon doesn't change color with warnings or errors. With the old version I was able to select "ANY" modules and keep my eyes just on a simple Visual Console to check if everything was working fine. Am I missing something?

hope in your help!



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Hello powertia,

When you choose the "--" option at Modules, you're going to get the change of color if one or more modules goes to warning or critical. It worked at the 5.1 and it should work at the 6.0 too!
Are you sure that there's any change at one or more of the modules at the agent that you're monitoring?

Hello Emilio,
thanks for your reply. when i choose the "--" option i can see the icon without any colors, even if the status of some module changes (Server HV1 in the screenshot)... in the previous version it works perfectly, but now Visual Console is useless for me. any suggestion?



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Hi powertia,

I've tried the "any" option in both (5.1 and 6.0), and you were right!
It works fine at the 5.1, but doesn't work at the 6.0, so it's been notified to the developement area.
Thank you for posting this problem, it'll be solved in future updates Wink

thank you!

I can't wait for the update! Smile


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