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Network maps affected by Pandora 5.1 upgrade (solved)
I recently upgraded from 5.0 to 5.1 and I have noticed a problem with network topology maps. The parent child node relationship for certain agents on my maps are not being followed. For example I have nine agents that have the Ethernet switch, and-ic3724pwr-b, as their parent; however, the topology network map for this location shows them linked directly to Pandora. So essentially, the parent entry on these agents is being ignored when the map is rendered in 5.1. I have attached an image of the map involved and I have confirmed that all of the agents have the correct parent data.

Any ideas?

Is this a known issue in 5.1?


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Try the group maps. You can come out what you want to interpret.

I have the same issue. i figured out that this happens if you make parent as higher agent id and child as lower agent id.

For example, lets say if you happen to have agent id's in following order,

1. 1250
2. 1750
3. 76
4. 3750

say 1250's child is 1750, 1750's child is 76and 76 child is 3750.

in network map 1750 -> 76 -> 3750 will show correctly. but 1250 in somewhere else. that's because you have lower agent id in the middle of the chain.

if you look in to the code, they sort with agent id before populating this map.

of course you can delete all agents and create from scratch following the agent id order. that isn't practical if you have thousands of agents.

Consider this is a BUG

We will investigate.

The parent / child connectivity comes in the map group. It was a bug in 5.1 version but in 5.1 SP1 version is fixed.

I'm currently running Pandora FMS v5.1SP1RC2 - Build PC141020

i still see this issue in network topology maps

From here i'm going to show you a actual case. all in agent ids.

2716 is top agent doesn't have any parent. 2716's child 4734.
4734 has 2 children. 2726 and 4732.
4732 has 2 children. 4736 and 4737.
2716 has 3 children. 2725, 2728 and 4733.
4733 has 1 child. 4735.

but it was shown like this

[Image: 2qu4411.png]

Thanks for the updates. Can you tell me how I can install SP1? The update page is not available since I upgraded to 5.1.


Chuck Andrews
In topology maps, no parent / child relationship is. You can find this information in group map.

(10-20-2014, 04:25 PM)smartin link Wrote:In topology maps, no parent / child relationship is. You can find this information in group map.


PandoraFMS Documentation clearly specifies what topology map is,

Quote:The Topology Map shows the agents according to the network topology. It also shows relationships between father and child nodes. This display mode is very useful in combination with a Recon Script. This combination allows to graphically display the entire network topology. Each agent is going to be colored according to its associated state.

In Topology Maps, you can see the parent / child relationship. In the group map, you can not see the parent / child relationship.

It's not a bug, that bug was updated and corrected.


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