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Pandroid agent - not providing GIS DATA
Firstly, sorry if this is a duplicate, I have searched and searched Google, then within the forums.
Please kindly move this to the suitable location if I made an error on my first post.

I have recently upgraded to V5.0 and decided to expand my limited knowledge of PandoraFMS and have been able to sort out most items with allowing the Pandroid agent to install on three test devices.
In two cases, I am able to get the agent to talk to the server and the agents are created.
It appears that in all cases, the agent identifies the GIS location, however in the two agents that have been created, I do not receive the GIS information.

Currently I only have port 41121 open for this connection, I donot have the server url in place (not implemented yet at server side)
Could this have anything to do with the lack of delivery of the data?
I have been unable to find a good walk through, other than the manual, and all suggested settings are correct as far as I can tell.
1. the agent allows GIS update
2. GIS is enabled in the server, already using static locations for fixed assets.
3. maps are working as expected.

The only other item I know you will laugh at... I installed the .apk on my blackberry z10 just to see what would happen.  It works, for the most part, however the same issue stands, I can see the GIS location in the device app, but it is not delivered to the server.

The more I use/play with PandoraFMS, the more I like ti.
I have not installed the two service packs... yet.

Thanks for any input.

In order to receive GIS information from the agents you should set activate_gis  to 1 and delete  # . You can locate this parameter in pandora_server.conf (/etc/pandora/pandora_server.conf).

I thought I searched high and low and did not find anything that noted this.
now I am not scared to look in the .conf file.

To confirm, the GIS data has been delivered, and the .apk loaded on and is  working on a test BB Z10, although I do have to verify if all reported data points are accurate, the GIS is satisfactory within 10m.

Now to find out if there is a way to pre-configure the app and load it via BES 5.0

To complete this thread, may I ask if anyone knows of a good document that covers what Ivo has directed me to.
further, to that, breaking rules of one topic per thread, would there be a document/direction on how topre-configure the apk prior to load (not via google play but manual load - I will be attempting to pus via BES 5.0 if the test works.

Cheers on such a great product, and fast response in the forum.

The Pandroid agent can't be installed on Blackberry  because It's designed for android based operating systems. We can design a specific agent for you for Blackberry but firstly you'd need to talk things through with our commercial department. You can send us an email at [email protected]

You can find more information about the gis data collected, and how to configure properly the gis data collection in the following link:


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