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SNMP Configuration setup
i do get an output when i put the right OID and snmp community when i  do that on the command line and also in the console from the agent configurartion SVR12 -Modules name but like i said when i do it from the SNMP explorer i get no output to choose modules from

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im running v4.02
would it be something wrong on the snmp explorer.php?

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My Pandora FMS version: Pandora FMS v4.0.2 - Build PC120626

I do a snmpwalk with SNMP Explorer and it works fine!

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do you think it could be related to Ubuntu, the first pandora system i worked on it was installed in a SuSe operative system and it worked just fine, i looked the differences in the config files for the servers and i couldnt really find a difference and i guess we are running out of options, is very puzzling, because my snmp-explorer wont give me an error or nothing, is just a blank page were it should be the OID to pick modules
What web explorer are you using? Could you test with another one?

I tried on IE9, Chrome and firefox, from 2 different machines, so u think it could be a bug in this version?
We have the same version of Pandora FMS. Try to do snmpwalk again and send me your pandora_console.log and pandora_server.log, please.
I dont really get any errors but here they are

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.png   pfms Console log.png (Size: 34.96 KB / Downloads: 104)
Run this commands and paste its output:

Version of php:

php5 -v

And php5 packages installed in your server:

For Suse:

# rpm -qa | grep php5

For Ubuntu/Debian:

# dpkg -l | grep php5

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