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System Alert: Warning - Too many files in temporal/attachment directory
I received this warning, but it is not clear if I can just remove these 140 files without any side effects.  Would they be regenerated automatically? (The message did not indicate, which would be helpful.) I have several GIS Maps, network maps and agents, so all the files seemed relevant.

This warning is persistent across log ins. How do I remove/acknowledge it if I choose not to address it? (Did I miss the obvious?) The full message is attached.

Attached Files

.png   TOO MUCH FILES.png (Size: 165.92 KB / Downloads: 196)
The documentation was not clear on this point, but I experimented and found that the files can be deleted without any problem. The alert went away on a subsequent login.

Could you paste a list of files that there are in your Pandora Console temp directory?

Unfortunately, I deleted the files. However, I went back to Network Map and made a couple map option changes. 66 files in the attachment directory now.  See attached.

Attached Files

.txt   attachment_files.txt (Size: 1.9 KB / Downloads: 205)
This files are for cache reasons.

But you can delete this files, only the next time when you use the networkmap, Pandora Console create a new files.


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