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Tentacle problem after install agent in pandora server - Lost XML info in client
Hi guys.

  Tomorrow I had a problem after installing the pandora agent in pandora server. After the client install, the permissions in /var/spool/pandora/data_in changed and the tentacle server wasn't able to start. I figure this out only today and fixed the permissions.

  For my surprise, I lost all the monitored data in the agents that use tentacle to transfer the xml to the server. I will fill a bug for this. The messages that I saw today in the log files where:

2010/08/13 09:07:31 - [error] - Error sending file '/var/spool/pandora/data_out/': [err] Cannot connect to on port 41121: Connection refused.

Error sending file '/var/spool/pandora/data_out/': [err] Connection from unexpectedly closed.

I'm using 3.1 pandora in Centos 5.5

Hi daniels,

This error is solved in last version of Pandora FMS, the last version number is 3.2 and now is in the trunk.

If you still having the problem you can try to install the new version of Pandora FMS agent.
Hi darod, thank you for your reply.

  I don't have the problem anymore (after correcting the permission), but I will upgrade to 3.2 as soon as possible.


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