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Thread: Host Alive on Remote Network
Post: Host Alive on Remote Network
Hi all, Looking for some guidance on checking to see if agents are up on remote networks.  I am using PandoraFMS Community on my local network and have added the Host Alive module to monitor if my loc...
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06-01-2020, 11:27 AM
Thread: Broker Agents
Post: RE: Broker Agents
(04-13-2020, 10:42 AM)Diego.M Wrote: Morning, If you want to monitor this PC1, you should install the Pandora FMS agent in that machine. A broker agent does not have the utility that I think you ar...
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04-13-2020, 10:49 AM
Thread: Broker Agents
Post: Broker Agents
Hi all, Im a newbie to Pandora FMS but definitely liking it!!   I am trying to setup monitoring to a remote network from a central location in our office.  I have configured a VPN to the remote offi...
Replies: 3
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04-13-2020, 08:19 AM

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