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alternatives to vmware - suzdal - 09-08-2009

put images for xen, for ex.

Re: alternatives to vmware - slerena - 09-08-2009

Thanks to the new SUSE project: Suse Studio, we're making a running demo (instalable to your disk), with OpenSUSE 11, on vmware and Xen.

Re: alternatives to vmware - suzdal - 09-09-2009

sounds great.

i haven't tested (Suse studio) yet, but i'm a Suse Fan, in a few weeks i will put it in my new computer.
i'll post a comment with my impressions.

Re: alternatives to vmware - slerena - 09-09-2009

Then you will be happy :-) We plan to do OpenSUSE/SLES our officially supported Pandora FMS 3.0 plattform, and free all RPMs for suse in the future.