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Slow alert response time - [email protected] - 08-31-2017

Dear PandoraFMS,

We are experiencing very slow alert response after we configure community PandoraFMS.
as parallel comparison to community Nagios alert response time. the alert from nagios is more responsive and triggered just in time while PandoraFMS alert is way too late (some cases almost 2-3days late arrive in our mailgroup for ops engineer).

Is there any suggestion and or how to check?
we already make same alert config compared to each other (for apple2apple comparison alert).

Many thanks for your advise and guidance.

Best Wishes,

RE: Slow alert response time - vic - 09-04-2017

Hi id.mis,

Check your email server, is possible that something may slow downs the emails.
The alerts in Pandora are instant, are executed to the second.

Best regards,