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Problem with service monitoring - JoeClark - 08-22-2017


This morning we had an activity on our server, whereby we inserted new disks into the server, and rebooted the server.
The disk implementation failed, therefore we had to revoke the changes, and rebooted the server once again.
The server was up and running at 6:00 am this morning. However, after 2 hours, the  monitoring does not show any data (percentage of usage, etc for the services like cpu, memory, disk, etc).
What could be the problem, and how do we resolve this?I checked IT Monitoring video for help but wasnt satisfied. 

Any suggestions very welcome!
Thank you.

RE: Problem with service monitoring - vic - 08-23-2017

Hi JoeClark,

Have you tried restarting the services? (pandora_server and tentacle_serverd)
In case the services are running, can you show me the log files?

Best regards,