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Definable WMI namespace ? - openmtl - 06-29-2015

I'm trying to use openhardware monitor and it publishes to its own namespace (root\OpenHardwareMonitor ) but as far as I can see in the Pandora Agent code the namespace is set as the default ( see  pandorafms/pandora_agents/win32/windows/  in getWmiStr() has wcscat (wmi_str, L"\\root\\cimv2"); and I can't see where I can override this from within the pandora_agent.conf module (i.e. there is only  module_wmiquery and  module_wmicolumn

As a suggestion Pandora FMS agent support on Windows should also support the namespace e.g. a new module_wminamespace which overrides the default namespace (i.e. "\\root\\cimv2")  so as to allow the openhardware monitor WMI to be queried directly from the Pandora Agent.

OpenHardware monitor is an open source application that displays CPU/GPU temperatures but more importantly it makes this data available via WMI. For the moment I'm going to have to use WMIC command line.