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Pandora FMS 5.1 SP2 Is Out - ivo_yordanov - 02-12-2015

We are very pleased to announce the new Service Pack 2 for version 5.1 of Pandora FMS, with many new features and numerous bug fixes compared to the last release. You can find out some of the new features below:
  • New plugin for ODBC queries in Windows.
  • Massive deleting of the Network Maps.
  • New Tree view widget in the Dashboard.
  • New graphical histogram in the SLA Services Reports.

For more information on the the new features and an extensive list visit the following webpage:

To update to the new version you can use the Update Manager.

Re: Pandora FMS 5.1 SP2 Is Out - slerena - 02-24-2015

You can now download the complete packages at :

Re: Pandora FMS 5.1 SP2 Is Out - xcme - 09-22-2015

Sorry for off topic, but what about Pandora FMS 6.0? On the news page said "We plan to release this version in Q2 of 2015." Since then, it took almost 3 months.

I have some problems with Pandora's API (description documentation does not match the actual behavior) and I was hoping that they will be solved in the new version of Pandora FMS.

Re: Pandora FMS 5.1 SP2 Is Out - antonio - 09-22-2015

Hello xcme,

Version 6 will be available very soon. I cannot say exactly, but it shouldn't take much more days.