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module_crontab question - sslivitzky - 09-12-2012


I'm want to use the module_crontab parameter to run a module once a day at noon, it works but the "last contact" for the module will go to red after 10 minutes and the agent status will go to grey even if all other modules are ok.

I saw a similar problem in the forum but it was in spanish and even with google translate, it's not clear.

I'm using Pandora server 3.2.1 (110222)

Is there a way to get the agent to report the proper status (green or red) when using module_crontab?



Re: module_crontab question - jartal - 09-13-2012


I think the module_crontab was bugged on that version so I recomend to upgrade to the latest version of pandora because you have an old version. You should upgrade up to 4.0.2 version

Be careful in the upgrade, dont forget to migrate the pandora database from 3.2.1 to 4.0.


Re: module_crontab question - sslivitzky - 09-13-2012

We will probably upgrade to 4.0.2 by the end of the year or early next year, we prefer staying one version behind the latest one.

I guess I will have to use module_interval instead.