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Windows servics monitoring - Bty - 12-01-2010

Using SNMP I'm able to retrieve the windows service status, but the problem is I'm unable to trigger an alarm when the service is down.

Using the snmp query
snmpwalk -v2c -c password HOSTNAME SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.

I can get the status of Automatic update service, Pandora does read correctly when the service is available, but I can't find a way to trigger the alarm when there is no response.

In Pandora I can see the "Last contact" being red when the service is down.

Any idea on how to trigger an alarm when "Last contact" is red?

Re: Windows servics monitoring - raul - 12-01-2010

I think the problem is the response. As you can see, it gives some text. Maybe you need to parse it to get 0 or 1, and then use it to launch the alert if it¡s 0.

Re: Windows servics monitoring - Bty - 12-02-2010

The problem is, if the service is down there won't be a response from the SNMP query.

Re: Windows servics monitoring - raul - 12-02-2010

Maybe you can create a small script that gives you 0 if no answer from snmpwalk, and 1 if you get the answer

Re: Windows servics monitoring - reditina1 - 04-29-2011

thank you!!!