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Strange Update Manager Behavior - aeleus - 06-02-2020

I was running:
Pandora FMS v7.0NG.745 - Build 190708 - MR 37 (according to the console web page)
CentOS: centos-release-7-8.2003.0.el7.centos.x86_64

I used the Update Manager Online to check the console version. It indicated that build 200513 was available, so I updated.

Now, the console web page footer shows:
Pandora FMS v7.0NG.745 - Build 200513 - MR 9

pandora_server.log shows:
Launching 7.0NG.745 200504

The Update Manager shows:
The latest version of package installed is:
There are no updates available

What version is actually running? Do I need to re-apply the MR's (10 - 37)?

RE: Strange Update Manager Behavior - Diego.M - 06-09-2020


I think the problem may have been due to an error with the dates of the machine, since according to the build you had before updating you were in 2019. In any case if you have not had problems with SQL errors in Pandora's console I don't think you have to pass all the MR (although you can do it if you stay more calm, it wouldn't cause problems).

In any case my recommendation is that you upgrade by packages to 746 and then pass the MR 37.sql and 38.sql. Then change the MR field in the database to show the correct field.

I leave you a link to the wiki so you don't have problems during the upgrade, after the paragraph I send you the section of how to pass the MR.

To change the MR of the footer you must use the following SQL query:

update tconfig set value=38 where token like 'MR';