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combo/sum snmp-network component - [email protected] - 04-22-2020

Hello all,
started working with pandora fms, im trying to monitor esx hypervisor with snmp.
All ok , created the network component  for cpu/ram/datastore usage and all work.

for cpu , in a case of multiprocessor server, i have multiple network component cpu1,cpu2

Is possible create a network component for sum/group both cpu1 cpu2 value for generate the warning/critical for value?


RE: combo/sum snmp-network component - Diego.M - 04-27-2020


What you propose can be easily achieved with a plugin that takes both data, adds them up and reports them to the pandora server.


RE: combo/sum snmp-network component - [email protected] - 04-27-2020

tnx for reply,

can you give me a example of plugin for this use?

RE: combo/sum snmp-network component - Diego.M - 04-29-2020


You can simply create a script where you take both data and add them, then add that script to pandora so it can run. If you need more help we have a support team that will be happy to assist you, you can contact them after talking with our sales department. You can contact with them through the following mail:

[email protected]