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API problem "No agents retrieved." - chathura - 04-15-2020

I'm trying to get information via pandorafms API. My objective to get agents which are critical or normal state. I'm using the following API to get required information.

https://<server URL>/include/api.php?op=get&op2=all_agents&return_type=csv&other=|<group id>|<module state>|||~&other_mode=url_encode_separator_|&apipass=<password>&user=<username>&pass=<password>

As long as i don't configure alerts, above api will output agents are in normal or critical state depending on what i use as <module state>.

But after i configure alerts to trigger on critical state, i can only get agents which are "normal". Alert fired agents won't be retrieved with <module state> either critical or alert_fired. only response i get is "No agents retrieved."

Is this a bug in PandoraFMS?

I'm using Pandora FMS v7.0NG.744 - Build PC200303 - MR 36.

RE: API problem "No agents retrieved." - Diego.M - 04-17-2020


We have just checked the problem we are having and we are sorry to say that it is indeed a bug, I have just reported it and I hope it will be solved as soon as possible. Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience