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Simple WMI query not working - JPSelter - 11-08-2019


I have never used Pandora before for querying Windows services over WMI. I tried to create a simple monitor but somehow it´s not working. Perhaps you can help me where the error is?

I did this:

- Create a new WMI server module
- named it "Spooler Service"
- changed nothing up to the next point
- Target IP:
- Namespace: blank
- Username: Administrator (local of the server)
- Password: password of the local administrator
- WMI query: select state from Win32_Service where name = 'Spooler'
- Key String: blank
- Field Number: blank
- changed nothing else

Unfortunately the module is not initialising.

Did I miss something? I have checked the pandora_server.conf file where the wmiserver is enabled. Is the server blocking something? Are there any logs I can check?

Thanks in advance for your kind help!

RE: Simple WMI query not working - JPSelter - 11-11-2019

I think I found the issue... after reading a bit more about WMI queries I found out that I have to enter a keystring. In this case "Running". Using the WMI wizard helped me as well to figure out the problem. It´s running now :)