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KeepAlive keeps saying "host down" - JPSelter - 02-24-2010


I´m still testing with Pandora FMS 3.0. So far I have 6 hosts that I watch with a KeepAlive module (two switches, four server). Every couple of hours I get "host down" alerts from all of these hosts. I set the threshold to 10 but it keeps saying "host down". The alerts turn into "host up again" after only a few seconds. Why does Pandora give these alerts even all hosts are up all the time?

Second... when looking onto the graph for KeepAlive I should see a constant solid line for the host (it has been up all the time). But instead I see large gaps, as if the server has been offline for 12 hours... but it hasn´t...

Thanks for any help on this!

Re: KeepAlive keeps saying "host down" - JPSelter - 02-26-2010

The server itself seems to have pocket loss all over again...

I´m using the VM Image on another hardware, but there´s another problem... see other thread...

Re: KeepAlive keeps saying "host down" - fmorales - 03-11-2010

Hello, could you put your module configuracion lines of keep alive file on the agent?
I am trying to find it but I cant.


Re: KeepAlive keeps saying "host down" - daniels - 03-12-2010

JSpeler, take a look at:,1009.msg4864.html#msg4864
For solving the VM Image problem with keep alive.

About the configuration of keep alive, it works the same way as host alive. Take a look at:,1009.msg5473.html#msg5473