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problem with Pandora Agent
I have installed and configured a Pandora Agent in my windows Desktop. But, When I add it in the Webconsole(manually), The status being show for the Agent is a question mark. The "last contact" field shows today's date and time. Any idea what could be wrong? Is there anyway I can troubleshoot this?

Thanks in Advance
Probably the transfering of the XML file to the server is failing, try to test the connection:

PandoraAgent.exe --test-ssh (from the DOS command line)
The ssh test is working. I even went through the pandora-log.log file, its successfully transfering the .data file to the pandora_server/data_in/ folder. I assume the problem is with the database. Is there any way I can test if the Mysql is running? Can someone tell me how to start the MySql server? Sorry about the amatuerish questions, Im new to thisSad

Thanks in advance
Is the pandora server running?

Mysql Issues:
/etc/init.d/mysql status

/etc/init.d/mysql start
Thanks Manu,

When I run mysql start command, I am getting an error saying:
[code:1]ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)"[/code]

When I try to run "pandora_server start" command, I get this error:

"[code:1][E] Error connecting database in init Phase. Aborting startup.

Cannot start Pandora Data Server. Aborted[/code]"

So, I guess the problem is with mysql not running. Any help/suggestions to get the mysql running will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Yep, definetly it's a problem with your mysql server.
This is a stupid question but, did you try to start it as a root?

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