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How to check if Pandora server is connecting to database?
Can someone tell me how to check if the server is connected to the mysql db?
I am able to connect my agent to the server machine and feed in the data into the data_in folder.

But, while adding the agent in the webconsole, the drop down menu that shows the list of server is empty. how do I connect the server to the webconsole?

Please help! Thanks in advance.
The server will be added automatically when any agent sends data to the console.

You have to add manually the agent to the web console (with the same name as set into the .conf file)
I did add the agent(with the same name as the agent's console file) in the webconsole. While adding I also placed it in the learning mode. But I dont see any modules while viewing the agent through the console. I have also verified that the data from the agent is being fed in the data_in folder of the server.

Any idea how I can troubleshoot this? Thanks in advance!
Did you take a look at the pandora_server.log? Any error refering to that XML?
Try to run the agent in debug mode, then copy it, manually, to the data_in folder and tail -f to the pandora_server.log and see what's happening...

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