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Full Version: Unknown Status modules stuck
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Good day everyone, I just recently deployed PandoraFMS and in the process, I've been stuck with all the newly deployed agents with modules in a uninitialized status.

I used the template for WMI on these machines.  I've gone through the forum and the web the past 4 days looking for a solution, but there hasn't been a definite answer that has solved the issue.

Has the root cause of this been identified and a work around available?

Thank you,
Hi Mrcpu1,

Have you check that your user has permissions to do WMI querys?

Best regards,

Hi vic, I got the same problem with WMI modules, already tested credentials with WMI Tester and verified destination host is retrieving querys. Also verified in pandora_server.conf that wmiserver is active (1).

I guess it's a problem in some section of the code  or the app because querying with wmic works fine:

[[email protected] PandoraFMS]# wmic -U PNDxxxx%xxxxx //172.17.xx.xx "SELECT CSName,Manufacturer FROM Win32_OperatingSystem"

CLASS: Win32_OperatingSystem

DQEPxxxx|Microsoft Corporation

My version is : Pandora FMS Build;PC171003 Pandora FMS Version;v7.0NG.713

Hi Mrcpu1, guzmana,

Can you show me a image of yours active servers on Pandora console? To see this go to "Servers" --> "Manage Servers"

Best regards,

Hi vic,

I found a workarround, for some reason default WMI modules doesn't work properly when you add them to any agent. But when creating a new module from zero ( Configuration --> Network components --> Create New WMI component), it works fine!
So now, I have no problem on WMI modules using local or domain account ( for this use domain/user) to query WMI from Windows computers.

Hope this WA will be usefull. Any way I'm attching the capture you requested.


Hi guzmana,

I'm doing test to try replicate the bug. Thanks for the answer, the image is correct.

Best regards,