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Full Version: Historical data
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I would like to know if it is possible to keep the data of each module interrogated every 5 minutes. If yes, how ? Thank you in advance.
Hello matthieu,

Yes it is possible. You just have to enable it on the general configuration of the module, activate the checkbox "Historical data".

Kind regards,
Thank you for your quick reply. The button is well historical data is enabled

I can not attach an attachment with screen prints
[Image: c:\module.jpg]

For the module "DiskFree% _C:" a single data prints screen above while for the module "CPU Load" several data prints screen below. How to have all data retrieve every 5 minutes of any modules?

[quote author=matthieu.deloy link=topic=10007.msg22492#msg22492 date=1486545846]
Thank you for your quick reply. The button is well historical data is enabled

See below
Hi matthieu,

I see it now and that's a normal behaviour. The problem you see here is not because the module is not saving the historical data, but because the value doesn't change.

Due to the database behaviour design of Pandora FMS, the values are NOT saved on the database if they remain unvariable consecutively.

For example look at this scenario:

1. check 10:00 - value = 10
2. check 10:05 - value = 10
3. check 10:10 - value = 10
4. check 10:15 - value = 12
5. check 10:20 - value = 14
6. check 10:25 - value = 14
7. check 10:30 - value = 14
8. check 10:35 - value = 16

In this case, you will only see the following values:
1. check 10:00 - value = 10
2. check 10:15 - value = 12
3. check 10:20 - value = 14
4. check 10:35 - value = 16

The system knows the values in the midle did not change, so they are discarded knowing that the value will be the same untill the next different value, so the graphs can still be represented correctly. This was designed to slow down the database growing.

Kind regards,