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Full Version: Multiple Internet Link connected to Firewall want to monitor
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Hi ,

i have installed a Pandora FmS successfully.

Internet Links are connected on Firewall with Load Balancing , i want o monitor internet links and firewall through Pandora FMS.

if one links goes down thenĀ  i should get a alert.

can suggest me how to configure PANDORA FMS in such a way .

please help me on this.

zubair mohammad
Hello zubairm,

You can do it in several ways.

1. Monitor firewall/router/switch interfaces to see if they are up or down (SNMP).

2. Monitoring the webpages you want to check with a host alive module (executed by pandora) or curl (executed by a pandora agent from the system you want). Of course keep in mind that firewall needs to allow this kind of traffic and checks (ICMP).

Kind regards,