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Full Version: Error 500 on index.php
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I have updated my Pandora FMS Server to the 5.2 version (Pandora FMS v5.1SP2 - Build PC150304) and I can't login properly anymore. When I try to login, the screen become blank. If I refresh the page, it opens properly.

I have seen on the developer tools that the login is resulting on a 500 error on index.html during the POST, but I can't get enough information even setting the apache log to debug or turning the display_errors option on in the php.ini file.

Does anyone get the same problem? Can someone please help me?

Thiago Lima
Hi Thiago,

Have you updated both the pandora console and the pandora server?

Hi antonio.s,

Thank you for your reply. Actually the package pandorafms-server was on the version 5.1-SP2 but the packages pandorafms-console and pandorafms-agent-unix wasn't.

I have updated both of them to the version 5.1-SP2 but yet still the problem persists.

I can't understand why it's happening since I can get the page completely loaded with a simple refresh after the failure...

Thiago Lima
Hi all,

After further investigation, I could see that there's an option inside the index.php file named develop_bypass which is 0 by default. After changing it for 1 I could be able to see errors messages on the browser (Learned lesson!);

So, after the login, the error message "Call to undefined function issset() in pandora_console/include/functions_update_manager.php on linĀ  238" was shown on the screen. Looking at the specified line of the mentioned file, I could see that the function was really mistyped as issset instead of isset.

After that, the login could be made normally!

Looking for this line on GIT, I could see that this is already solved but isn't available yet (at least on my last update to version #150313).

Here's the link on GIT showing the fix:

Thank you all for your help. Regards,
Thiago Lima