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Full Version: how to disable auto delete old data ?
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Hi all
the data (which be created before 3 month from now) have been auto delete by pandora.
How can i keep the data longer : for year or disable auto delete store date ?
Thank so much

We don't recommend stroring that ammount of information on the pandora fms database. On the enterprise version of pandora fms you can use a history database (on a separate system) and keep the old information arround for longer periods of time.

Hi mr Ivo
For example, If the CPU usage module had value 50% at 10/10/2014 ( 3 months from now), according to your reply, Pandora Fms will not store this values for  this long periods and we can not draw graph for this. Am i right ?
so please tell me what is the longest period which Pandora FMS can draw graphic for one module.
Thank so much.

Sorry perhaps you misunderstood me. The pandora fms database is capable of storing that amount of data but this might affect the general performance of the system. 

As for the amount of time before purging the old data, well that depends on the amount of modules and agents  you have deployed and the hardware specifications on the pandora fms system.

I think you need to take a look at the following article about performance on a pandora fms system and at the pandora fms wiki: