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Full Version: Console Update Path
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Im running the newest version on pandoraFMS on Suse 12.2, I decides to change the console's URL path for the web and i was successful. First i changed under the path /svr/www/htdocs/ "from Pandora_console to nms" then i went to the config.php file and replace the under the ...pandora_console/include directory $config['homedir']="/svr/www/htdocs/nms";  and
and everything seems to be working right, but i got a notification of an update available because the updates are set to be download and install under pandora_console, my question is , How do i set the update manager to the right path directory. The attachments would help illustrate this better..please help
Hi Gabriel M.

You have to change this parameter in Update Manager configuration. You can find it within Administration -> Extensions -> Update Manager settings

Look at the attached screenshot.

You are the man Don Luis!!!!!, i know i always make a ton of questions but ..would this change affect anything else in the whole pandora system?
Dont worry Gabriel, with this changes, the system will not be affected.

Thank you so much. My apologies if i ask too much and you can check this as Resolved =)
i made the changes and added the binary input code bath /srv/www/htdocs/nms but in the display of Diagnostic info (my first screen shot) still says /srv/www/htdocs/pandora_console , should i change that somewhere else?
Hi Gabriel, it seems to be a bug...

Dont worry, you can check updates are running well.

cool. Thanks once again .. Cheers