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Full Version: System Alert: Warning - Too many files in temporal/attachment directory
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I received this warning, but it is not clear if I can just remove these 140 files without any side effects.  Would they be regenerated automatically? (The message did not indicate, which would be helpful.) I have several GIS Maps, network maps and agents, so all the files seemed relevant.

This warning is persistent across log ins. How do I remove/acknowledge it if I choose not to address it? (Did I miss the obvious?) The full message is attached.
The documentation was not clear on this point, but I experimented and found that the files can be deleted without any problem. The alert went away on a subsequent login.

Could you paste a list of files that there are in your Pandora Console temp directory?

Unfortunately, I deleted the files. However, I went back to Network Map and made a couple map option changes. 66 files in the attachment directory now.  See attached.
This files are for cache reasons.

But you can delete this files, only the next time when you use the networkmap, Pandora Console create a new files.