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Full Version: Issues with generic_proc agent
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I use the module_type generic_proc to see if a necessary process on our server is still running.

module_name wwwstartsrv
module_type generic_proc
module_exec ps aux | grep -c [w]wwstartsrv

Everything seems ok and in the console I get that 1 process is running.

Now if the process is stopped I don't get any mention of it in the console? Only the "last contact" keeps counting?
When I look into the xml of the agent (debug = 1) I also see that the module "wwwstartsrv" is actually not in the xml?

When I run ps aux | grep -c [w]wwstartsrv manully i get 1 (if running) or 0 (not running).

If the process is started again it the "last contact" is updated along with the other modules, and the module is also back in de xml file.

Thanks! Smile
Hi Siskos
good morning

Can you try these command? is a little bit different.

ps -Af | grep smsd | grep -v "grep" | wc -l

the first grep shows you all process that contains a word smsd (the deamon of smstools). the second grep excludes the current command line, and the third counts the lines.

i've got these command for various modules and i have no problem.


Thanks alumbreras , on first sight this change seems to work.

Very strange, is there any way to figure out why my short line doesn't work?
Perhaps some kind of debugging?

Perhaps it doesn't like the brackets... try "[w]wwstartsrv" or something to escape these characters.