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Full Version: 4 agents don´t work correct and stop perseverative
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4 of my 30 agents stop the sending to server on polychronic times, and dosen´t writing on server log or agent log.
when i restard the agent he work normal but stop on indefinable time.
please help.

Can you be more specific about the problems? Which systems agent are having the problems?
They stop after about...1 hour? 2? any idea about the amount of time they are running fine?


Agents version 1.2 and 1.2.1
at first only 1.2 then also a few 1.2.1

stop times:
server_______date_______ time clint agent___serverlog last contakt
gut-nas1_____8. Jun. 07 ___00:40:30________00:38:18
gog-nas1____8. Jun. 07____00:45:47
fro-nas1 ____8. Jun. 07____00:32:53
gog-d01 ____ 8. Jun. 07 ____04:22:57

gut-nas1____5. Jun. 07 ____20:17:55________ 17:35:21
gog-nas1____ 6. Jun. 07 ____03:00:56________ 00:26:00
fro-nas1____6. Jun. 07 ____02:36:49________01:05:29
gog-d01____6. Jun. 07 ____04:16:06________21:53:10

gut-nas1____10. Jun. 07____ 00:10:02
gog-nas1____10. Jun. 07____ 00:00:06
fro-nas1____10. Jun. 07____ 00:03:32
gog-d01____10. Jun. 07____ 03:40:15
aut-nas1____8. Jun. 07____ 15:37:12

fro-nas1_____12. Jun. 07____ 19:49:54
gog-nas1____12. Jun. 07 ____19:58:27
gog-d01 ____12. Jun. 07____ 23:42:18
aut-nas1_____12. Jun. 07
gut-nas1_____12. Jun. 07____ 19:48:30

that always the last sentences agent log:

06-14-07 11:26:12: Run begin
06-14-07 11:26:15: Next execution on 60 mins
06-14-07 11:27:15: Run begin
06-14-07 11:27:19: Next execution on 60 mins
06-14-07 11:28:19: Run begin
06-14-07 11:28:23: Next execution on 60 mins
06-14-07 11:29:23: Run begin

i have no idea

Agents version 1.2 and 1.2.1
at first only 1.2 then also a few 1.2.1


i have no idea

Try 1.3 beta, it's on:

And don't forget to give us feedback :-)

i have install the 1.3 but at readme is written:
Pandora FMS Windows Agent v1.2.1

is that really a another version with changes?
i test the agent at one server.
thanks for fast answers
Yeah it is, Nil must forgot to change it :-)
Quote:Yeah it is, Nil must forgot to change it :-)

It's 1.2.1 renamed to be 1.3 beta1 :-), for final version or next beta, we should change labels, dont worry

it is possible, that i must update my server.
i have version 1.2
the another agents works good outside 3 of it.
her testing the version 1.3 ertainly yet???
Ummm, the new windows agent (the 1.3 version nil uploaded some days ago) should work fine with 1.2 servers.
Is the 1.3 Beta Version of the Windows Agent still failing in your system? (Please let us know)

On the other hand, the 1.3 version of the agent is almost finished for the first beta release.
The web console is the one which is going to still change a bit (with new features which leads to new SQL tables) so better wait for a week or so to update your server to the first 1.3 beta version :-)

Please, again, let us know if you have had tested the new 1.3 windows agent and if it still fails.
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