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Full Version: Netflow does not show in pandora fms
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Dear Admin or someone for help me 

please help me my pandora dosen't show any data of graph of netflow.
(after I restart my server data of netflow doesn't show on pandora (Monitoring --> network --> Netflow live view) , but before I restart it was show)

in my server show that

sudo nfdump -R /var/spool/pandora/data_in/netflow/

2020-05-06 15:37:31.612 INVALID  Ignore TCP ->       ->          152        0
2020-05-06 15:37:46.924 INVALID  Ignore TCP ->      ->          437        0
2020-05-06 15:37:46.928 INVALID  Ignore TCP  ->     ->         1488        0
2020-05-06 15:37:47.400 INVALID  Ignore TCP ->      ->          447        0

I don't know that have any problem

version of nfdump : NSEL-NEL1.6.16

I have attach flie 1 and 2 are after I restart my server and 3 is before I restart my server

Please help me

thank you.

What version of Pandora FMS are you using? It could be an already solved bug.