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Full Version: Simple check if exe file is running on agent
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this may be a simple question but I havenĀ“t figured it out yet. I want to check if a specific process (exe file) is currently running on a server. I tried to use the WMI wizard and look for W32_process/instance/Name. As long as the process is running I have the module on "green". But when the process is terminated it simply goes to a "grey" status. There is no alert that I could tell "mail to admin if the status changes to grey". It needs to be "red" for that. But with WMI it never changes to red...

There must be another way, but how?

Thanks for your kind help!
Hello JPSelter,

You can configure a new type of alert based on the unknown status (the grey one). Also you can modify the module to get a right status.